We wanted to get to know our supporters better so we invited a few for a special photoshoot at the stadium.

The Pedro family drove two hours from Morganton for their photoshoot because they love soccer so much.

Calix and Laxio play youth soccer in Hickory for their club CVYSA, Laxio likes the goalkeeper spot while Calix models his game after Ronaldinho (his favorite player).

Ray Hernández is normally traveling as a professional baseball player but during his off time, he calls the Queen City home.

While baseball was his sport of choice, doesn’t mean he didn’t love growing up. He’s been a fan since ’06 after watching the World cup that summer.

Hector is a middle school teacher in Rock Hill but you may have seen him on tv or in the stands around town. He’s a Charlotte sports super fan affectionately known as “Sombrero Man.”

When adding the Charlotte FC sombrero to his collection, he had to recruit special guidance from the school’s art teacher to make the blue hue just right.

Brian grew up in South Africa where soccer was such a prominent part of his upbringing.

He now works for ISL who operate Barça Academies around the US in partnership with FC Barcelona, while calling Charlotte home.

To have a club in his city means the chance to further grow a unified community.