We Are Charlotte FC



The four-point crown honors the Queen City’s original namesake – Queen Charlotte. Each of the crown’s spires recognize the four wards of Uptown Charlotte.


Commemorating the inaugural year of the club and a new era for Charlotte soccer while paying homage to the city’s history in opening the first mint of the United States.


The engraved look of the letters offers a nod to Charlotte’s rich history in the Carolinas, while the white on black contrast commands a contemporary and forward-thinking aesthetic.


Our crest incorporates one of the most powerful and dynamic geometric shapes: the circle. Evoking coins brought to life with bold colors, the crest will be worn with pride.

CLT FC Monogram
Charlotte Football Club logotype

Our name is Charlotte Football Club,
but we are bigger than one city.

We were born an expansion team.
We don’t believe in starting small.

We only know how to go big.

To play big, it takes all of us.

If you love the beautiful game, you belong here.

If you call the Carolinas home, you belong here.

We are made of North and South.
We come from around the world.

We play as one.

We are Charlotte FC. Welcome to the Club.


Honoring Charlotte’s history minting American legal tender, and embodying its modern ascendance as a major financial capital in the US, our crest is inspired by a classical coin.

A clean, circular shape; a bold black-and-white palette to feature an engraving-style typeface, and commemorative MINTED •2022• markings create a unified balance of bold, contemporary graphics and historical references.

The centerpiece of the crest, a four-point crown, symbolizes the royal legacy behind our city’s name, while celebrating Charlotte’s four original wards. Set in a distinctive blue, the Charlotte FC crest is Carolina through and through.

Inspired in equal parts by Charlotte’s heritage and its future, our club crest is a badge of belonging to a city on the rise.